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When you grow up in the “City of Coffee” where the smell of roasted coffee lives in the air, you can’t help but fall in love with it...

in TRIESTE, since 1980

... our entire family has dedicated its experience, energy and love to achieve the perfect roast, to create personalized blends and to sell them in our shop.

It only takes a few seconds for our coffee to move from our Roasting Lab to our Shop. That’s why we can guarantee that our coffee are always absolutely fresh. We roast the beans to perfection, allow them to cool and then serve them you.

A Trieste, dal 1980

atthe roasting lab

Our roasting process is unique, with a deep respect for both your taste and the intrinsic qualities and characteristics of each coffee type. The knowledge of the master roaster, built over three decades, allows him to find the perfect roasting time for each coffee type. For each coffee bean, there is a perfect color. For each customer, there is a unique taste profile and other special needs that must be met.

Experience and innovation for an artisanal roasting. This is the recipe that allows each coffee to best reveal its complexity and beauty. We understand the value of consistency and always strive to give you the perfect flavor every time.



It is here where we study the characteristics of each coffee variety. Immersed in the aromas of distant lands, we create coffee blends with unique body, balance and complexity.

The tasting room is waiting for you, so simply call us and we will find the coffee that perfectly suits you, your family and your clients.



The shop is shoulder to shoulder with the Lab and the Tasting Room. Here we guide you through the selection of various single origin coffee and blends. Arabica only. A pinch of robusta. More full-bodied. Less bitter. Delicate, but tasty. She makes it with mocha. It is a gift for a friend who loves to try new experiences. It is for a nostalgic of traditions. It is for me that I am reckless...

Beans or ground? We grind on demand your roasted fresh coffee to your specifications. Only then coffee retain their precious organoleptic characteristics. How do you make your coffee? With mocha or ibrik? Drip filter, espresso machine?



via Giglio Padovan 4, Trieste - Italia 34138

+39 040944228


monday: 8 - 13

tue | wed | thu | fri: 8 - 13 + 15.30 - 18

saturday: 8 - 13

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